Singer-songwriter and modeling globetrotter Cecilia Kallin has been a part of the Swedish pop scene since 2010. Her career took off as the lead singer and guitarist in the girl band Timoteij, well-known in Sweden for their characteristic mix of pop and folk music.

With eight years in the business including performances in Sweden’s biggest TV show Melodifestivalen, more than 12 million streams on the song Kom alone and 15 major national tours to her name, Cecilia Kallin launched her solo career at the beginning of 2018 releasing the soft and intriguing pop song Runaway.

On August 3, her third single Station was released. A modern and laid-back pop song with an organic sound, written by Kallin herself together with Josef Melin. Cecilia Kallin’s close work with photographer Jesper Anhede makes for a beautiful and certain red thread in her music videos, footage and graphics.

Cecilia Kallin is also an established songwriter, with a dozen of songs for Swedish and Norwegian artists on her discography. In 2017 she competed as a songwriter in Melodi Grand Prix Norway. Check out the Spotify playlist Written by Cecilia Kallin for more.

In May 2018 Cecilia Kallin debuted as a jewelry designer, releasing her own collection Harmony by Cecilia Kallin in collaboration with the Swedish accessory brand SEVEN/EAST.


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