cecilia-kallin-swedish-singer-songrwriter-timoteij-426 year-old singer-songwriter and modeling globetrotter, born and raised on the countryside outside of Falköping, Sweden.

My music career began in 2010 when I was the lead singer and guitarist in the Swedish girl band Timoteij. We got famous overnight when participating in the Swedish TV show Melodifestivalen. Our musical journey has taught me so much, and I had so much fun touring all around Sweden and parts of Europe for several years. Today I live in Stockholm, and I’m working on my own music project. My first single Runaway was released January 5 – listen on Spotify here!

During 2017 I’ve spent a lot of time in the studio writing new songs, and I’ve also had many live gigs in different parts of Sweden. In springtime I competed as a songwriter in Melodi Grand Prix Norway with Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over, and later I had the honor to sing Unfeather in the TV series Veni Vedi Vici. I’m a proud ambassador for Furch Guitars and the Perfect World Foundation.

Working as a singer has also led me in to the path of modeling. My model career has brought me to amazing places all around the world. They all filled me with inspiration and gratitude for life’s ceaseless list of opportunities – and now I want to share this with you through my music.

Thanks for your love and support!