Artist and songwriter Cecilia Kallin has been a part of the Swedish pop scene since 2010. She started off her career as the lead singer and guitarist in the girl band Timoteij, well-known in Sweden for their characteristic mix of pop and folk music.

With thirteen years in the business including performances in Sweden’s biggest TV show Melodifestivalen, more than 25 million streams on the song Kom alone and 15 major national tours to her name, Cecilia Kallin today releases music as a solo artist. Her most popular song on Spotify is Play Pretend with over 2 million streams on that platform alone. It’s written by her and Andreas Mattsson (known from the band Popsicle and more recently the Swedish TV show Så Mycket Bättre). The songwriting duo has also written Fool’s Errands.

Cecilia’s debut EP Honey was released in November 2020 and is a collection of feel-good guitar-based pop songs with a laid-back 90’s vibe. The music and lyrics are written by Kallin herself in collaboration with Bobby Ljunggren, David Lindgren Zacharias and Josef Melin, all recognized songwriters.

On June 9th this year Cecilia Kallin released her second EP: Cloud 9. It’s a collection of feel-good love songs, and the first single from the EP is the happy and energetic country pop single Wait for Me with Joel Nuñez. With a great start at New Music Friday Sweden and New Music Friday Country, the song has spread widely on Spotify and also on Swedish radio as the duo competed with this song in the P4 Nästa 2023  where they managed to win the highest points from the jury and ended up on an honorable second place in the national finals.

After two EPs and several singles with laid-back, acoustic guitar-based productions, Cecilia now explores a more modern and synth-based sound in the new single Forever Young. It’s a youthful, nostalgic and feel-good pop song about those magical summers in the past that just never seemed to come to an end.

In 2021 Cecilia Kallin launched the club music project CERA where she released a Spanish club version of Timoteij’s big hit Kom in collaboration with Universal Music. Listen to CERA and Sí Sí Sí here.

Cecilia is a big fan of music videos and her latest release is a beautiful video for Wait for Me, shot in Stockholm. In a unique collaboration with South Africa Tourism she’s previously released a music video shot in Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve, South Africa. Heaven music video is shot in the streets of Paris, and I Really Like You music video is a tribute to the singer’s listeners, who were invited to submit clips of themselves singing along. Music Won’t Stop music video was recorded in Cecilia’s home area Södermalm, Stockholm, where she tried her acting skills for the first time.

As a songwriter, Cecilia has a dozen of songs for Swedish and Norwegian artists on her discography. In 2017 she competed as a songwriter in Melodi Grand Prix Norway. Check out the Spotify playlist Written by Cecilia Kallin for more.

Cecilia Kallin has also released her own collection as a jewellery designer: Harmony by Cecilia Kallin in collaboration with the Swedish accessory brand SEVEN/EAST.

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