Runaway is now released and I’m beyond happy for your great response <3 Thank you for listening, liking and sharing!

I want to send so much love to everyone who’s helped me along the way.

Jesper Anhede – for helping me with my music video, photos and homepage. For always believing in me and challenging me to develop. For being my best friend.

My family – for being the best family anyone can wish for! For listening, liking, sharing, supporting and loving, no matter what.

Josefina Sanner & Åsa Schmalenbach – for writing such a beautiful song, for allowing me to change it and turn it into my own, and for your huge engagement in the release.

Filip Lindholm – for understanding my music production ambition and making it real.

Anna Moore & Marit Woody – for helping me with PR and also providing a team spirit.

Ollie Olson – for sharing your magic when mixing.

Johan Randén – for making the song alive with your guitar.

John D. Schwartz – for your good advice and ideas.

Robert Hadley – for doing a fast and great mastering from the other side of the world.

AWAL & Atena Banisaid – for helping me distribute the song.

Gustav Eurén – for your valuable expertise and great helpfulness.

Ulrik Eurén – for your knowledge about tea, chocolate and – most importantly – the music business.

Linnéa Rahm – for supporting me and sharing your law skills without complaining – even though I asked you very last-minute.

Marie Mesi & Michelle Kallin – for being the best music video assistants ever.

Katarina Dagsanth – for letting us to shoot a music video scene in your beautiful castle.

Thomas Berglund – for letting us shoot a music video scene in your beautiful rose garden.

Anna Kornelia Åberg – for taking time to help me when I call, even though you’re about to become a living legend in the music business.

Erik Linder – for your good advice and help.

Furch Guitars, Luthman and PO Smedberg – for making me a happy girl in love with two awesome guitars.

Sony Nordic – for advice and kickass cameras.

Linda Jöfelt & Dughult of Sweden – for making me feel beautiful in your blue dress.

Spotify – for your support.

Simon Warnskog – for listening to my demo way too many times.

My extended family – for listening, sharing and supporting. You’re amazing!

My friends – for all your kind comments and great support.

To everyone who have listened, shared and liked – for making my dream come true.